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The Grand Hotel Kraemer Palace, historically known as Izmir, has been a symbol of the striking cosmopolitanism of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo for centuries. During its heyday, this hotel was increasingly treated as a museum piece and time capsule by travelers to northern Syrian cities. The Baron Hotel has been hosting glamorous guests since its inception and is one of Aleppo's most famous hotels and the oldest hotel in Syria. It has spotlessly clean bathrooms, luxurious rooms and great views over the city and its surroundings.

In the centre of the city is the Citadel of Aleppo, which contains the remains of an uninterrupted occupation from the 10th century. The area around the citadel was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered one of Syria's most important cultural and historical sites, although it is currently owned by the Assad regime.

Nominally in a winning position, Assad owes his rise to Moscow and Tehran, which have laid claim to post-war Syria as the war has gradually slowed. Iran, which provided proxy ground troops that played a key role in recapturing Aleppo in late 2016, has not sent substantial troops to the front line in Idlib and is negotiating with Russia and Iran over how to deal with the province.

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The old town is bordered by the citadel, which has been towering over the centre of Aleppo for several thousand years. West of the citadel is the sprawling Souq al-Madina, which houses the city's main mosque, the Al-Qasr Mosque, and a number of other buildings.

But the damage is dwarfed by the damage on the far eastern border, where large improvised explosive devices dropped from helicopters have razed entire suburbs. I stand in the rubble that has been piled up all over the east side as the damage from huge tunnels and bombs placed under regime positions exploded, destroying hotels, mosques and government buildings.

The spatial distribution of destruction in Aleppo is highly one-sided in terms of political control. The number of roadblocks is not evenly distributed across the city, but the number of highways that circle Aleppo and run from the east to Aleppo has steadily increased. Much of this increase is concentrated on the highways surrounding Aleppo, such as the highway to the north and south and the road to Damascus. Of the 713 cases observed during the investigation period, only six occurred in areas allegedly occupied by regime forces.

This observation coincides with the fact that government forces are using both fixed and rotating aircraft to support fighting in Aleppo. While other interpretations are possible, the striking dichotomy of damage is that government forces are using aircraft, rockets, and long-range artillery to bomb rebel-held areas. Of the 24 cases observed, 24 occurred in areas controlled by regime forces, four under rebel control, one under government control and two under opposition control.

The Oberoi Hotels and Resorts group did not respond to a request for comment on the status of the hotel in Aleppo. A spokesman for Marriott International, which operates the hotels, told Middle East Eye: 'The hotel is not operating as a traditional hotel for the time being. It is not known at this time whether the listed hotels in Syria are in a fragile situation or not.

If you openly criticize the Syrian government or the president, you could be in trouble. If you have a political discussion with Syrians, you run the risk of being questioned intensively by secret police if you ignore them.

Anyone who wants to leave Syria immediately and move outside the country must consider a safe destination.

Numerous residential and industrial areas in Aleppo have been increasingly damaged and destroyed during the conflict. Some of Aleppo's most famous historical sites, such as the Old City Hall, Al-Azhar Mosque and Bab al-Hawa Mosque, have all been severely damaged or entire neighborhoods razed. The pattern of destruction consistent with air strikes appears in areas otherwise untouched by obvious signs of fighting. One of Syria's largest and most important cities, Aleppo, was severely damaged during the conflict, with many of its most prominent buildings and structures destroyed on a large scale.

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