Aleppo, Syria

                                                              Aleppo, Syria


Aleppo is a city located in Syria, this place is known as one of the most dangerous ones to visit but if in case you are deciding to visit Aleppo then we suggest to follow some simple rules especially related to the dress code which will help you in being safe. For women, it is best to wear full clothes which or not revealing from anywhere and men should wear trousers and shirts till you are in Aleppo.


Places to explore in Aleppo


1. Valley of the Tombs


It is an ancient place where the deceased Palmyrenes were buried. It is really a breath-taking place to visit where all citizens of Palmyra city were buried after death as per the guidelines of their queen Zenobia.


2. Hypogeum of the Three Brothers


This place is an underground chamber where the Hypogeum of 3 brothers from the city Palmyra is located. There you can also see the artifacts, portraits and some paintings.


3. Souk in Aleppo


If you are very fond of shopping and loves to shop then this place in Aleppo will be best for you. Here, you can purchase lots of items which are unique to Aleppo at good prices.


Places to Stay in Aleppo


* Olea Hotel Kilis: It is a good place to stay in Aleppo although it is far from the city but have the best accommodation.


* Lina Suite Hotel: If you want to enjoy luxury stay then you can have a peaceful stay in this hotel.


* Sheraton Aleppo Hotel: It is another best hotel to stay in Aleppo with fully furnished rooms and a good staff.


Places to Eat in Aleppo


* Wanes: This hotel is very good for kids with good food items.


* Olympia Restaurant: It is another good restaurant to enjoy delicious food with great cocktails.